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Inheritance Tax & Wills

There has never been a time when Wills and Inheritance Tax Planning have been so important to so many people. With increased general wealth the treasury has been able to take a much larger amount of tax from peoples estates. A standard Inheritance Tax rate of 40% is charged on the part of your estate above the current threshold of £325,000 per individual. There is now an additional Residence Nil Rate Band available that increases the threshold to £425,000 if you give away your home to your children (including adopted, foster or stepchildren) or grandchildren . Also, if you’re married or in a civil partnership and your estate is worth less than your threshold, any unused threshold can now be added to your partner’s threshold when you die.

Many individuals and couples will have assets in excess of the threshold but will not have taken measures to reduce the impact of inheritance tax. With good legal and financial advice it is possible to dramatically reduce the amount of tax payable in many cases.


Many people now realise that an effective way to make gifts and mitigate inheritance tax is through trusts. These allow the donor to retain some control over the gift.

At Elementum we are able to offer tailored solutions to your problems through specialised knowledge of the tax and trust rules and how best they should be adopted.

Capital Gains tax

Selling or gifting assets often has capital gains tax implications. Through some simple tax planning both prior to the event and after it, tax savings can be achieved through the utilisation of annual exemptions, reliefs and deferral methods

For more information on the simple steps to avoid unnecessary tax on death and to ensure that assets remain in the family, Contact Elementum Ltd on 01772 203 222 or email us.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate planning, Tax planning, Will writing and IHT planning.

Tax treatment is based on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

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